On the evolution of GUIs

From 1998 [http://xach.com/naggum/articles/3115189096274592@naggum.no.html]

Today’s GUI’s are generally built out of hard-coded event handlers.

A language that could describe the display and the events and associate them with protocol elements such that it would all be data-driven (instead of code-driven) and which required a protocol between the server and the client such that the server only dealt with function calls returning values to the client and the client did all the event handling and dispatching and display, would cause a giant leap forward in GUI design and simplify the tasks involved tremendously.

But thanks to Microsoft, we now mostly have code-driven GUIs that are as portable as the average Egyptian pyramid and which ensure as much “full employment” as the same pyramids, and we now mostly have people who don’t even understand the differences and the layering of language, protocol, and display engine.

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