I have briefly looked at Arc. It is yet another demonstration of the problem of too strong an ego that cannot live with what somebody else has made. Be it the standard conditionals, nil versus false versus the empty list, or whatever else this purportedly strong ego is too weak to accept, it is nothing more than proof of the core problem of the IT world – the hardness of its pillars makes them brittle, not strong, so they cannot be used to build upon. What was it that stood so much in the way that Paul Graham could not have accomplished it without creating a new language?

Why was creating a new language and starting from scratch better than building on what had come before? Why is the IT world defined by people who are unable to deal with the concepts of continuity, longevity, and design for long-term stability?

Why do they believe they are so much smarter than everything that has gone before them, when they clearly are not and repeat mistakes that take years to undo, if not replaced by another stupid “revolution” that itself starts from scratch?

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