Nit-picking languages

It’s that (too frequent) time again … when I anxiously (and full of fickleness) wonder what language to increase familiarity with.

The last year, I learnt quite a bit of common lisp, or atleast enough to write a lot of exploratory code in, working with libraries, timing, profiling, improving, and so on.

I had a rude shock when I learnt from one of my Scheme heroes that he really just prefers Haskell now. WTF? But seriously, he makes good points, chief among which is the lack of confidence in refactoring existing lisp code.

But both have the same “lack of libraries” barrier (sure, you’d say, why don’t you build your own — but that’s not the point).

So I’ve been moving around among these, toying with some web-development style languages (and always recoiling from JS), when I suddenly realized that I have absolutely zero experience with any of the .Net languages.

So, (just thinking out loud here) why not learn me some F#, and kill two birds with one stone?

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