Practically everything has been floated as The Answer for solving the Software Crisis, a crisis that has been with us since the first hardware engineer said to the first software engineer, “Hey, I guess that all these gears, pushrods, pulleys and vacuum tubes and things are working now, so go do your stuff.” Hilarity ensued. From the very first time a software schedule slipped, methodologies for making cheaper/better/faster software have been surfacing and then going out of style like fad diets in trash Hollywood tabloids. You can’t open a trade magazine without seeing some article about how Co-Evolutionary Brisk BOHICA Design is going to take over the world next week and deliver everything on time, under budget and with fewer bugs than last month’s shining star, as well as making your teeth and underwear whiter (you don’t want to know how). Next month, Oprah will have her own methodology, probably based on deleting bloated source code after a binge of typing. You heard it here first.

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