To the best of my knowledge it was not industry that invented the term “computer literacy”, but society. Quite early in the game it was firmly implanted in the people’s minds that computers were there to save our economies (and later also the economies of the countries of the third world). For a while, no one knew how, but fortunately someone hit upon the bright idea that information was “a resource”, so that solved that problem, the more so since, for the first time in the history of mankind, we had now a valuable resource of infinite supply. Then people remembered how oil had created immense riches for a happy few; this time that should not happen again, so “computer literacy” for the millions was invented to solve that problem. What that term should mean is still an open question, but that did not prevent our visionaries from happily proceeding to invent the post-industrial society in which people, if not happily teleconferencing, would devote their ample leisure time to creative video-games.

EWD 952

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