The excellent absurdity of Indiana Jones

Watched the “refrigerator scene” on YouTube and saw this comment in the stream that just about sums it up:

Wait so, in the first three movies, we’ve seen:

  1. A magical box that made Nazis explode and melt faces off
  2. A river raft carrying three people fall from a plane thousands of feet in the air onto a mountain, and not break everyone’s bones and spines in the process.
  3. A cult leader that has the ability to hypnotize and pull a heart out of a person’s chest
  4. Stones that, when placed in a certain hole, restore all vegetation and clarity to an Indian village
  5. A cup that, if you drink water out of it, you age into dust
  6. An 800+ year-old knight guarding said cups

    And you’re okay with all of that, but once Indy goes into a lead-lined fridge and survives a nuclear blast, you guys call it “unrealistic.” Just shut up and embrace the absurdity, like you did before. I personally thought this scene was awesome. The movie, I’ll admit, not as good as the others, but definitely didn’t deserve the flack.

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