Media Diet

I’ve always been a media glutton, over-dosing on blogs, movies, videos, and such. As of a few weeks ago, I sort of quit cold turkey1. No news, no blogs, nothing. Yes, even the New York Times, which is the one thing I read daily, is no longer a real habit2.

A good side effect of this is that while I read less stuff, I read it more thoroughly and I have more fun reading it.

So here’s a plan: I’ll post a list of ten things I read every month (yes, the things that are read are so few I can count them on the fingers of both hands! No? Not funny? Ok).

  1. Almost, I try to limit myself to a bit of Reddit now and then. 
  2. Occasionally browsing it for recommended or staff-picked reader comments (highly under-rated, IMHO, and usually better than the Op-Ed pieces themselves). 

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