Personal media summary, July 2015

I finished reading listening to Fukuyama’s “The Origins of Political Order” (very interesting stuff), and moved on to his sequel, “Political Order and Political Decay” (correspondingly very boring).

The interesting stuff was basically insights like how the State, Rule of Law and Legitimacy are really three different concepts, and you arrive at various sub-optimal (nevertheless historically real) situations if you pick just one, or mix-and-match any two.

I’m about 10% of the way through “Gravity’s Rainbow”, which is a trip worth taking (and IMHO well suited to a slow read).

I don’t end up watching much TV nowadays, the exception being half of season 1 of “Silicon Valley” which hits a lot of accurate notes, but wasn’t satirical enough for me. No movies either, except “Skeleton Twins”, which turned out to be a good indie-ish movie, though I’m still waiting for something to give me the same reaction that “Little Miss Sunshine” did.

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