Nature, at the deepest level, may not differentiate between scales. With scale symmetry, physicists start with a basic equation that sets forth a massless collection of particles, each a unique confluence of characteristics such as whether it is matter or antimatter and has positive or negative electric charge. As these particles attract and repel one another and the effects of their interactions cascade like dominoes through the calculations, scale symmetry “breaks,” and masses and lengths spontaneously arise.

Personal Media Summary, September 2015

Sunrise in Yosemite Valley, Albert Bierstadt ,1870

In no particular order:

  • This is the month I discovered ASMR (I’ll let you look that up)
  • Finally saw “Inside Out“: people still come up with incredibly original ideas (anthropomorphic emotions, thoughts, memories — the pieces fit together very well, and I enjoyed every minute of it)
  • Fooled around with amateur art on my old iPad (not as much as I’d like!)
  • Stuff to listen on repeat: Koyaanisqatsi (by Philip Glass, the first in his trilogy, roughly as old as I am)
  • I installed this amazing Google Chrome extension that shows a nice piece of art for every new tab you open. Highly recommend. At the top of this post is something that showed up while browsing today.

Monthly recap (Sep 2015)

At the Maui Ocean Center (me, Tara, and a Turtle)

The big highlight for last month was our trip to Hawaii for a week. I was quite nervous about her in the plane and so on, but things were way better than I thought. We were staying in Kihei, and managed to spend time at Lahaina and Paia. Great food, happy baby, good times.

The small highlight is that I started an experiment to see if I can change my eating habits a bit, to restrict breakfast and snacks to fruits etc, and lunch to salad etc. Yes, it is every bit as terrible as it sounds right now, but I’m going to give it at least a month.

In other news, Tara climbed up the staircase yesterday, which was both surprising and frightening.

Playing at the beach — though maybe next time the tools will actually make sense.