Monthly recap: December 2015

tara one

What a month … and what a year!

Big highlight of the month was Tara’s first birthday party, which somehow went off better than I had expected (I plan not to have any more big birthday parties until I can’t do anything about it).

We also had a fun “staycation” in San Francisco — all the fun of travel without the misery of travel, but it ended badly for me since I was comically unprepared for the freezing temperatures. Maybe it’s just me, but I never expected New York to be warmer in the winter.

To cap it all, the three of us watched the last sunset of the year from The Bistro at Land’s End.

Other miscellaneous events: adventures with mouse traps, a continuing dental implant saga, and mission creep in baby-proofing.

I suppose it’s now time to think about resolutions

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