Monthly recap: February 2016


February went by really fast.

Went to a bunch of places, ate a bunch of stuff, but it’s all a blur.

Tara turned 15 months (so, one-twelfth of the distance to 15 years), and can spout little mono- and bi-syllabic words.

Played around with a couple of apps/games as “time fillers” during the month. The first was “Lumosity”, which is gimmicky but fun, and the second was “Chess Light”, which I barely made any progress at, but has made the few occasions I’ve had to wait in a line somewhere quite satisfying.

Subjected my draft mini-story-thing (about 25.5k words) to a couple of rounds of revision and now wondering what to do next. It is this year’s plan to put it out there, just have to make time for it.

Miscellaneous stuff: Tara was sick for a week, and we’re getting ready for a her longest trip yet, a three-week visit to India in March. I continued to run at least once a week, which is not bad at all (I thought I would have given up by now).

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