The Parabolic Fabulist

Air Raid shelter in Trieste, with text

About ten years ago I had this idea of a half-poetry, half-prose piece of surreal fiction, that stayed locked in my head and grew rusty over time.

A few months ago (starting with NaNoWriMo 2015, but continuing after that), I hashed out some of this in actual words, and put it together, and after much fear and self-loathing, put it up as an eBook on Amazon.

If you have the right amount of morbid curiosity, you can check it out here, but a couple of warnings:

  • It might read as very amateurish, and perhaps even a bit ”adoloscent-ish”, but much of that is due to when some of these ideas first arrived in my head

  • The form is very unusual, with alternating ”strands” instead of a chapter-based book. Again, this might seem nonsensical, but it’s how things came out and it seemed natural. I’m pretty sure I will never do this again.

The only objective good part of this is that I think I enjoyed the experience1 and definitely want to do it again. Maybe the next time I can promote what I’ve written more unapologetically.

  1. Scrivener was very helpful (even though I barely scratched the surface of its features), and the free Preview app that ships with OSX is all I used for the cover. 

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