Personal Media Summary: July 2016

Shinjuku Station

Random general reads from July:

  • A “scientific” take on the basic shapes of stories1 (no kidding)

  • Behind every romantic myth is a bunch of B.S., which, this author claims, is the case with _Bushido_2

  • My music pick of the month: a track3 from Bladerunner

  • An article showcases4 how well-intentioned political reforms in the past led to the chaotic present conditions

  • Yanis Varoufakis shares5 his opinion on things to come

  • Photo pick of the month: X-ray images6 of train stations!

  • More typograph (last month: Alien, this month: _Bladerunner_[^typography])

  • Amazing and poignant pictures7 showcasing lost Soviet technology, in a London exhibition. Sample caption:

“Secret cities that cannot be found on maps, forgotten scientific triumphs, abandoned buildings of almost inhuman complexity. The perfect technocratic future that never came.” (from a memorial on a deserted nuclear station)

  • Some kid posted8 on Reddit about building an amateur fusion reactor, which is awesome, except for this depressing acknowledgement:

Spending 3+ hours a day on a project during junior and senior year did not help my grades. My counselor told me that I wouldn’t get into the top colleges because of this reason. I believed her and didn’t apply to my dream colleges.

  • Blast from the past: an article9 from 1996 (yes!) about memes and memetic engineering (so yeah, memes aren’t new, kids :P)

  • Yes, helicopter parenting should be, uh, avoided, but this author10 sympathises and blames gentrification instead.

  • Finally, file this in the “surprising biological news” section: apparently11 crows try to investigate the deaths of their fallen kin, and even hold funerals (!) for them.

Monthly recap: July 2016


Interesting stuff the last month:

  • Long weekend staycation in San Francisco (went to some place in Tiburon for lunch, and checked out the new stuff at the recently opened SF MoMA)

  • Hung out with visiting cousin and family

  • Got shocked by a surprise birthday party (again!)

  • Short one-day trip to LA

  • Got a pair of “Sleep phones”  (love them, highly recommend!)

  • Ran a half-marathon in SF on the last day of the month (fun!)