Broken leg, Part 1

Some quick facts, so that I can record this somewhere:

On Thursday, I sustained multiple fractures in my left leg. A spiral fracture in the tibia, a single fracture in the fibula, and some indeterminate cracks near the ankle.

Luckily, 911 was called on time, and responded quickly, putting my leg in a splint, before the ambulance arrived to take me to the ER. I had a couple of X-rays taken, and then re-admitted to the hospital. An initial doctor consult described the situation, but prescribed an additional CAT scan. I was told the surgery would be the following afternoon.

The splint was initially removed, which was quite painful, but then added back with a compression sock, and I didn’t feel a lot of pain from Thursday night to Friday afternoon.

On Friday morning, I met the surgeon, who walked me through the options, being both reassuring and overwhelming(!) I waited for afternoon to come around. Post-op, I felt okay. I had a cast from half way down my knee, to my toes.

On Saturday, I had an initial round of Physical Therapy which didn’t go well at all. It was followed by a very useful round of Occupational Therapy, which covered all the basics (dressing, going to the bathroom, etc). More time passed.

On Sunday, I had another round of each and they went well (occupational therapy covered taking a sponge bath and getting dressed again, and physical therapy covered steps, stairs, car doors … good stuff).

I was discharged and came home on Sunday afternoon, and didn’t need any more pain killers.




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