Monthly recap (September 2018)


Coral and fish, seen from a port window of the submarine


Major updates:

  • Fun times in Maui! (Spent a lot of time in the pool, half of the road to Hana, small submarine tour(!), a Luau, lots of eating)

Minor updates:

  • Spent most of a week alone with Tara; went much better than expected
  • Tried out fasting for the first time ever (three days! Will do it again!)
  • Got myself a Ukulele (inspired by Hawaii; now to see if I actually end up using it)
  • First ever 10K, and the first run longer than a 5K since my leg injury (went to the “Trailblazer” run at Shoreline; it’s near enough that it’s worth making into an annual thing)


  • Finally finished (over two-and-a-half years!) all 19 seasons of Midsomer Murders
  • Watched Myths and Monsters on Netflix (meh)
  • Read Go in practice (nice tips)

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