Monthly recap (December 2019)

Panda at Ikea
Panda at Ikea

Major updates:

  • Tara’s birthday at Pump-it-up
  • Finished my third 1000-piece puzzle (more later)

Minor updates:

  • Shivi’s Holiday party in SF
  • Car tire punctured by a random nail on the road
  • Gingerbread house making party with Tara at work (!)
  • Dealing with some mind-numbing tax follow-ups …
  • School visits
  • Getting ready for an India trip


  • Ronnie Cheung on Netflix
  • Lots of random ebooks piled up … and unlike physical books, I can’t even throw them away ☹️

(this one is a week early because I won’t get to it while on vacation … Happy new year!)

Monthly Curations: December 2019

Note: Many parts of this post are true or at least plausible, but I did not actually install Emacs in my car. Neither should you.

Monthly recap (November 2019)

Door on the back of a trailer parked by Seabright beach in Santa Cruz
Door on the back of a trailer parked by Seabright beach in Santa Cruz

Major updates:

  • Tara turned Five! 🙂
  • Went for a Frozen 2 viewing with her and her friends
  • A pump-it-up party 😐

Minor updates:

  • Home maintenance: dryer had to be repaired, added a trellis in the garden
  • (finally) visited the Bay Area Discovery Museum in Sausalito


  • Watched It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood on Thanksgiving

— Watched Modern Love and The Kominsky Method on Netflix

Interesting links: November 2019

An example of a Tinderbox view

In addition, the structure would likely have been topped with a pyramidion, a capstone made of solid granite and covered in a precious metal like gold. The sheer size of the pyramid must have been enough to blow ancient minds, but seeing it all shiny and topped in gold… well, no wonder they thought their rulers were gods.

  • As I’m in the stage of “looking around at schools”, found this piece on NYC schools relevant.
  • For those who care, something about Yggdrasil
  • Recently re-discovered The Cyborg Manifesto, from which this quote:

Our machines are disturbingly lively, and we ourselves frighteningly inert.