Using Twitter the right way (!)

Apparently there was a massive Twitter hack1 yesterday, and some folks clearly made a bunch of money2 off it too.

I didn’t notice this, though I do spend several minutes a day on Twitter. I guess it’s probably because I don’t have a lot of verified accounts that I follow, and I stick to sort of the “long tail” of Twitter.

My Twitter experience is most pleasant, and (I feel) quite informative too, which is very much the opposite of what most people experience.

I think the lesson is clear, for these “giga-social-network”3: stay away from the “home page”4, stay away from the popular stuff5.

FWIW I do the same6 at Reddit (the only other7 “giga-social-network” I allow myself to use right now). And I’ve had a similar good time there8 too.

  1. all “the big names” ↩︎
  2. can I haz bitcoin? ↩︎
  3. because mega isn’t big enough ↩︎
  4. I’m aware of the implication here: to provide this enjoyable long-tail interest-driven experience, a large mass of people endure the hell of context-less random responses, trolling, centi-threads, bans, “angry speech”, and so forth; I’m not trying to diagnose any of that here. Yet. ↩︎
  5. The folks at Wired seem to have reached a similar conclusion ↩︎
  6. i.e. don’t follow overly-popular sub-reddits ↩︎
  7. No, haven’t gotten back to Facebook yet ↩︎
  8. though again, “toxicity” and “hate” seem to be widely experienced ↩︎

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