Of Androids and Electric Sheep

One of the covers of the graphic novel series, drawn by Tony Parker, published between 2009-2011

I’ve watched the original Bladerunner1 (many times) and the new one2 (once), but I hadn’t read the original novel3 (“Do androids dream of electric sheep?”) ever, despite repeatedly resolving to, and buying it, renting it, whatever.

I still haven’t (hah), but thanks to Comixology, I’ve done something similar, which is reading the amazing graphic novel of the same name, published in a 24-part series about a decade ago4.

There were a few … dated bits5, but c’mon, it was written over half a century ago6 now.

Something I wasn’t prepared for: it is much more than the movie, and way*, way wierder than the movie. The movie is very normal compared to the story in the book, and I can see why … there’s enough going in with the dystopian future and he grim task of retiring Androids, to then bring in Mercerism into the mix (which seems like a minor side-detail towards the beginning, but gradually seeps into the whole environment — and the graphic novel really shines in this part — contributing more to the man vs. machine question than anything in the movie.

It gave me the same feeling as the movie in parts, and I’ll admit I read some of it while listening to the soundtrack7 🙂

It’s very easy to recommend, well worth the time 8. You might expect it to be “mostly the same as the movie”, which I did too, but it truly is a whole different experience.

  1. A year before I was born ↩︎
  2. ”2049” ↩︎
  3. Fun link: here’s a list of all the various cover pictures the original book’s been published with, in different languages ↩︎
  4. available separately, or as a single Omnibus version ↩︎
  5. using physical coins to make calls, the presence of the Soviets, and … flying cars ↩︎
  6. 1968 !! ↩︎
  7. read an article about it, listen on Spotify ↩︎
  8. $9.99 on Comixology, or free with the subscription ↩︎

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