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Generally interesting links – Oct 2020

Solzhenitsyn at Harvard, 1978


Programming languages

The web


The world




On Airtable and Numbers


Monthly Recap (Oct 2020)

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  1. “For better or worse, the world l runs on Excel, Java 8, and Sharepoint, and I think it’s important for us as technology professionals to remember and be empathetic of that.”

    (Groan) I know this is just a nit, but I’ve gotten tired of the word “empathetic.” It’s overused. Boykis could just say, “acknowledge that,” and be done with it. It’s not about sensitivity. It’s about, as some like myself used to say, not buying into the hype cycle. My guess? Fat chance that’s going to happen. If there’s one thing the technology press lives and breathes, it’s “the next new (old) thing,” which is to say old ideas with a new coat of paint.

    Mimix sounds interesting, though. 🙂 For a moment, I misread the title, thinking it was about the educational OS, Minix, but I was glad to see the author looked to Vannevar Bush for inspiration.

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