From an older time

I came across this plaque while on a trip last week.

Plaque before Gualala Hotel (it has my shadow on it, and some of the text is hard to read)

We were staying at Gualala, and were eating at Upper Crust Pizzeria, which was really good, and so we returned to it. Next to it was the “Gualala Hotel”. This plaque was in front of it.

At first, it was something I scanned through, and it did seem of some minor historical interest, and was about to walk past when I read the last few lines again.

Dedicated September 29, 6023 (2018)

I did the math.

6023 - 2018 = 4005

I vaguely remembered something involving 4004 BCE as a pre-deep-time possible “time of creation”, and … yes, that checked out.

James Ussher picked late 4004 BCE for this event — though this wasn’t very different from Newton’s (yes, that Newton) estimate of 4000 BCE.


The last line adds:

Credo Quia Absurdum

”I believe because it’s absurd”

The “belief” here isn’t about the hotel, surely, but rather this “timeline”.

It could be an inside joke then, mentioning this absurdity? Or, since it’s meaning is ambiguous, perhaps an expression of faith?

The second-to-last line read:

The Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus

This being a group given to pranks and satire, I favor the humorous interpretation.

Still, this was an interesting find 🙂

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