The state of scheme

The “Larceny” benchmarks

I check out the “Scheme universe” every couple years or so, and it’s a big and varied place now!

I was aware of “Guile and Chicken” a decade ago.

Since then:

  • Chez was open-sourced
  • Racket (re-)built itself on top of Chez
  • R7Rs became a reality
  • Gambit has been around for a while, I was simply ignorant
  • Guile got a lot of upgrades (including a JIT) and is the basis for Guix
  • Gerbil scheme got built on top of Gambit

If someone’s looking to dip their toes in this universe today, they’re really spoilt for choice, between very high-performant implementations (Chez and Gambit/Gerbil), pretty well-supported ones (Racket & Guile).

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