Reading, fast and slow

TIL that Art Garfunkel (of Simon and Garfunkel fame) has a pretty cool book list.

And … scrolling down, it’s updated as recently as 2020!

Slowly and steadily, he’s covered a lot, and a lot of good stuff — and written it all down too!

I scrolled through all of it, and his “sixties-to-eighties reading period” is my favorite 🙂

Some samples:

42. Jun 1981	Gary Zukav	The Dancing Wu Li Masters	1979	332 pp.
82. Jan 1987	Thomas Hobbes	Leviathan	1651	729 pp.
95. Oct 1989	Sigmund Freud	Civilization and Its Discontents	1930	104 pp.
19. May 1977	C.G. Jung	Modern Man in Search of a Soul	1933	244 pp.
9. Mar 1971	Bill Moyers	Listening to America	1971	342 pp.
3. Oct 1968	P.D. Ouspensky	In Search of the Miraculous	1949	389 pp.
24. Apr 1978	Robert M. Persig	Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance	1974	406 pp.

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