A simple reader for books

The apps on my phone bear the marks of many years of use, of arrangement, of addition and deletion.

Among these are various e-book apps, and I have one of “each”, in a single group: Google Play Books, Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, PDF readers, Gumroad.

Each has its own interface, it’s own store, it’s own space for storing books, highlights, notes.

However, this month I downloaded yet another app I came across: iReader.

It is different from all the above in it’s missing.

It has no store for buying books.

It had no provision for highlights or notes.

All it allows you to do is access the range of free books, books in the public domain.

And that is, to be honest, most of the good books in the world.

There’s something in here for everyone, these are books you should be reading anyway 😊

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