Monthly Curations- Feb 2022

The JET reactor
  • On the dream of nuclear fusion
  • The Star Wars sequels as “the anti-trilogy”
  • Things (apps, services, products) to look forward to in 2023
  • On “Residential programming”
  • On the world’s longest immersed tunnel
  • A bunch of old hypertext papers
  • Thoughts on markdown
  • Writing a children’s book for programming, in 1991: “Professor Fortran

    AT: We hoped to make some money. But the fees came only a year after the book was published – under the terms of the contract. If we were paid immediately, we could buy a car. But there was a monetary reform and the fee was enough only to drink coffee.

  • The biggest galaxy
  • Came across yet-another-meditation-app, but this time slightly better, from the Monroe Institute
  • A story about body-shopping
  • A planet was found near Proxima Centauri. But more interesting than that is how it was found:

    This ‘wobble’ technique look for changes in the star’s motion along the line of sight from Earth; ESPRESSO can detect variations of just 10 centimetres per second. The total effect of the planet’s orbit, which takes only 5 days, is about 40 centimetres per second, says Faria, who is at the Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences of the University of Porto in Portugal. “I knew that ESPRESSO could do this, but I was still surprised to see it showing up.” .

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