A note on curations

I’ve been doing some sort of “link curation” here for several years now.

“Collecting” links isn’t something I actively spend time on, it’s a reflection of things I come across while browsing various “feeds” I have.

However, the process of turning them into a blog-post has always taken some time, and these days I have little-to-no time, so I’ve been finding ways to automate the process as much as I can.

A good solution that emerged recently is of using Micro.blog‘s “monthly email” facility.

I started using Micro.blog sometime back as a “less noisy alternative” to Twitter, and can easily recommend it to others looking for the same.

It has this nifty email newsletter” feature where you can pick a tag, and then, at the end of the month, have every post with that tag included in an email.

So — I subscribed myself to that email, and will simply pipe in the contents (with minimal formatting to restore urls) into a post here on this blog.

Unless I run into problems, this is how I’m going to run the monthly-curations here from now on.

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