Shen lives


I remember coming across “Qi” a long time ago, a work of brilliance by one Dr. Mark Tarver.

He happened to have a lot of quirky essays as well, and had … interesting interests.

Several years ago Qi morphed into Shen, a “kernel” that could be hosted on a variety of languages but exposed the ability to build


It seemed like something new was coming to pass, then … all of a sudden he deleted a bunch of web pages, stopped working, and I didn’t see anything new for a while, and … I lost touch.


Recently I wondered again (“what happened to that guy?“) and it turns out the project is very much alive and kicking!


  • The “Book of Shen” has been updated to a 4th edition
  • There is a new website that describes its unique features with examples

All this is encouraging, and worth checking into again soon.

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