Lispworks from SublimeText

Create a “build script” to dump a headless image:

(in-package "CL-USER")
(save-image "~/lw-console"
                        :console t
                        :environment nil
                        :multiprocessing t)

Run it

~ /Applications/LispWorks\ 8.0\ \(64-bit\)/LispWorks\ \(64-bit\).app/Contents/MacOS/lispworks-8-0-0-macos64-universal -build ~/tmp/resave.lisp
; Loading text file /Applications/LispWorks 8.0 (64-bit)/Library/lib/8-0-0-0/private-patches/load.lisp
LispWorks(R): The Common Lisp Programming Environment
Copyright (C) 1987-2021 LispWorks Ltd.  All rights reserved.
Version 8.0.0
Saved by LispWorks as lispworks-8-0-0-arm64-darwin, at 06 Dec 2021 17:56
User agambrahma on agams-mbp.lan
; Loading text file /Users/agambrahma/tmp/resave.lisp
;  Loading text file /Applications/LispWorks 8.0 (64-bit)/Library/lib/8-0-0-0/private-patches/load.lisp
Build saving image: /Users/agambrahma/lw-console
Build saved image: /Users/agambrahma/lw-console
Build split image: /Users/agambrahma/lw-console.lwheap
Build executable: /Users/agambrahma/lw-console

Install SublimeREPL and Slyblime

Modify settings

Within sly.sublime-settings, you should have something like:

  "inferior_lisp_process": {
    "command": ["/Users/agambrahma/lw-console"],
    "autoclose": true,
    "loading_time": 2,
    "setup_time": 1

(where command points to the executable generated above)

Kick start SLY

Run SLY: Start and connect to an inferior lisp instance

Enjoy REPLing !!

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