Monthly Curations- Jun 2022

(The Smalltalk balloon)

(As before, simply lifted from my tagged posts, and, I realize, heavily skewed this month towards specific themes)

  • A minimalist scheme (R4RS, and fits in 4K of memory)

  • Lisp in the browser, playfully done.

  • Making (“printing!”) objects with Sound!

  • Of REPLs:

    It’s trivial to build human-friendly CLI on top of machine-friendly RPC, but much harder to build machine-friendly RPC on top of a human-oriented command line.

  • Resources for self-learning math

  • A counter-point to overly designing for flexibility in software.

  • A quick over view of the features in Tinderbox (by Eastgate)

  • Looking back at Erlang, but also the rich history of telephony from which it (and distributed systems in general) drew inspiration

  • The “weird elephant story”

  • Guides to the world of Smalltalk: 1 2

  • A good scene composition from Dune, set to the best track from the soundtrack

  • Showcasing the history of Smalltalk, or rather the role of Smalltalk in the broader quest for a better form of learning-by-modeling.

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