Local crime beat

I remember how sleepy this place was when I first moved here (not all that long ago, yet feels much further back, at a time when Twitter and Facebook were relatively new, and not-yet-toxic)

I remember how someone told me this story about jaywalking or rolling on a stop sign, and getting a ticket.

That was the most that happened in those days.

Since then, though, it has been a steady beat.

A lot seems to have happened just this year.

In 2022, a fatal drug overdose at school.

In 2022, a child was killed while riding his bicycle.

In 2022, a police officer was shot after midnight at a traffic stop.

As someone who’s been here for over a decade, I’ve seen quite a bit of change now, with a lot more apartment buildings, a lot of new stores and restaurants (and a lot of closures).

However, I do hope the increase in crime doesn’t become wedded to this change; it’s easy to forget how pleasant the existence of basic law and order can be, and I’d rather not get stuck in the quagmires that places like San Francisco find themselves in today, which few good options out.

Looking forward to making it to 2030, with this still being a generally happy place to live!

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