Geometrick T-shirts

I had a T-shirt with a certain pattern that was fading out. I didn’t know at the time that this had a name, and later learned it was a geometrical pattern that had certain interesting connections. I won’t link to that here, but you can find it by searching for “Metatron’s cube” online.

Re-creating this geometrical pattern became a fun exercise within Wolfram Mathematica (which is such a useful and under-rated tool, btw, I can’t recommend it enough for anyone with the slightest interest in doodling, tinkering, learning, simulating …).

Nothing fancy, just a bunch of circles, points, lines, triangles. Good old-fashioned geometry.

I was able to experiment with a few different designs until I settled on one I liked. Mathematica allowed me to export what I had as a regular PNG file.

I still had to do some post-processing — to be honest, I’m sure there are tools within Mathematica for this, but I just used a photo-editing tool on my laptop to remove all the black and make the background transparent.

I had to pick a website to use for this, since there are so many options today. I went with something that I knew from many years ago, Zazzle, though again, I’m sure there’s something better right now.

Here is the finished product:

Here’s an example of rendering it within Wolfram Mathematica:

“Metatron’s Cube”

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