“Curations” is moving

Some sort of monthly curated links has been a staple here for about a decade now (I started with a breakdown by category, but towards the end had just a “bag of links”).

In an effort to consolidate and de-duplicate (because, why not!), I’m trying an experiment — I’m going to leave the curations in my shared Roam graph, and just surface them better there.

The URL for that is here: https://roamresearch.com/#/app/Homepage-Agam/page/TkD7GK6nJ

It can also be reached by starting at this “Home” page: https://roamresearch.com/#/app/Homepage-Agam/page/Qw3Cv9aOP, and then following the links for “Sticky Board” -> “Linkblog”

This is an example of what it looks like:

Monthly Recap: February 2023

View of San Francisco from the Bay Bridge

Major updates

Trip to Carmel where we stayed in an AirBnB in the woods

  • No internet: board games, reading, sleeping early
  • Fortunately got back in time before the storm closed the roads

Tara’s school was off for a week, went to a great camp by Peninsula Youth Theater — and put on a short play at the end (“The reluctant dragon”)

Minor updates

  • Visited Treasure Island (finally, after over a decade of living here) for a friend’s 40th birthday party
  • Slightly better eat/sleep 🤞
  • Saw a bunch of snow on the peaks
  • Got an annual medical check-up done after a few years’ break (all good)
  • Visited Michael’s after many years with Tara — it’s still around and still a “craft-y wonderland”


  • Gosford Park (re-watched) — discovered the music of Ivor Novello
  • Read “Digital Minimalism” (plan to practice some of that this year)
  • Tried out a family board game: Dragonwood
  • Knives out (re-watched)
  • And then there were none (the old version!)

Monthly Curations: February 2023

A 5Hz GPU in Minecraft
A 5Hz GPU in Minecraft