What is this place anyway?

A long time ago, in the days of Geocities, this might have been called a “home page”. How quaint.

Anyway, this is a place I reserve the right to dump variously sized bits and pieces over time, occasionally (and periodically) about my life so that I’m not overly accused of missing on Facebook, but more frequently summaries or extracts of stuff I read or watch or listen to, and find interesting, or worth sharing, or worth keeping around for … someone else to find, some day.

Other places of “social presence”

If you’re looking for really tiny pieces of me, try Twitter.

If you want to send me an email, try agam AT hey.com

I keep some “raw notes”, with links and snippets etc. at agambrahma.com.

Some recurring “series”:

  • a monthly roundup of interesting links
  • a monthly summary of things I did
  • //TODO add links

If you’re still here, you can browse the archive (sidebar on the left), or look at some recent posts below.