BotWorld -> BotVerse

I came across this paper (actually a literate haskell document, pretty cool!) from MIRI. (What’s MIRI ? I suppose someone finally convinced the “Singularity Institute” they had a terrible name) So I’ve come up with a worthy side project for a while: coming up with an interactive counterpart of the same written in Common Lisp. It won’t be easy, since (1) I’m sort of a noob right now, and (2) this was created by a couple of people working full-time for a month, but it should be fun and rewarding. Since they call it BotWorld, I can call my version BotVerse 🙂

Update: I tried this, but translating haskell to lisp is no fun … also, I don’t like some parts of how this is implemented, and I’ll ping back here when I have something to show!

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