The dispute here is philosophical. You want a distribution that follows The Unix Way. Where init does its little job and dbus does its little job and so on. Small, simple tools.

But there is another way. A way that believes that when you unite the core tools into one powerful process you can do cool things. These cool things have been proven, from the basics like faster boot times, to more advanced features like saving/restoring random seeds, automount, SELinix integration, and so on.

You are arguing “this isn’t Unix!!!” but that is the whole point. You can win an argument with a mountain climber by pointing out he is going downhill, but not a skier; since for a skier, going downhill is the point. These Linux distributions are not temporarily disoriented mountain climbers accidentally heading away from Mt. Unix. They are deliberately skiing away from it at a high rate of speed. What they will find at the bottom of the slope is an interesting question, but simply pointing out that their strategy is bad for mountain climbing is neither here nor there.

What I am saying is, if you want to run an OS that believes in the Unix Philosophy, the shortest path is to install Unix. You are going to have about as much luck convincing Fedora that they ought to be Unix as you would convincing Redmond.

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