Monthly recap (December 2019)

Panda at Ikea
Panda at Ikea

Major updates:

  • Tara’s birthday at Pump-it-up
  • Finished my third 1000-piece puzzle (more later)

Minor updates:

  • Shivi’s Holiday party in SF
  • Car tire punctured by a random nail on the road
  • Gingerbread house making party with Tara at work (!)
  • Dealing with some mind-numbing tax follow-ups …
  • School visits
  • Getting ready for an India trip


  • Ronnie Cheung on Netflix
  • Lots of random ebooks piled up … and unlike physical books, I can’t even throw them away ☹️

(this one is a week early because I won’t get to it while on vacation … Happy new year!)

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