On the post-COVID world

The effect of this virus has been to give “Hell is other people” a whole new literal meaning.

The maxim of “avoiding other people” only heightens the various people-divides that had been developing since the calamities of various mini- (and major-) recessions and over the last three decades.

The changes now underway have scrambled all the assumptions in place since … the 90s? The 70s? The 50s? The 30s?

No counterpart of this exists in living memory, and I feel you’d need to turn to a few examples of old black-and-white footage to find comparable examples of such “mass churn”.

Either way, it won’t be possible to go back to “the way things were” (and if it was, would most people want to?), and it is … well, a scary time (in the sense that the future being unknown is scary), although probably an exciting time from a “philosophical perspective”, since after a long, long time, something new is about to be born (!) … we just don’t know what it’ll turn out to be.

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