A decade (nearly) of Lamy

Lamy Safari, Charcoal Black, Fine Nib

I’ve had this pen for about nine years now, which is longer than I’ve had my laptop, or my phone, or my current pair of jeans, or my bed, or the tv on the wall, or the lamp next to me, or … you get the idea.

I think I’ve mentioned recommendations for fountain pens before, but I’ll repeat this anyway: it’s hard to beat this cheap and reliable workhorse, the good old Lamy Safari (not quite old, though, there are new versions available)

I have two of these that I keep filled with (usually) black and blue ink, and I have secretly wished that they stop working, or even just degrade in quality just a bit, to give me an excuse to try and buy one of the more expensive fountain pens I’ve kept in my wish-list for years, but … that just hasn’t happened yet!

Tip on buying: if you’d like to skip paying Amazon, two great places for “stuff like this” are Jetpens and GouletPens.

3 thoughts on “A decade (nearly) of Lamy

  1. Awesome! I always love to see well-loved items, especially fountain pens, where the standard procedure is to buy more pens than you can use. Which pen is on your wishlist? For me, my cheap and reliable pen is the Pilot Metropolitan, and I might be biased because that’s my first pen.

    If I were to have a one-and-only pen, I assume it’d be the Pilot Custom 823. But of course, affording that is a long ways away.


    1. Thanks, Stuart!

      Yes, as far as I can tell, if I hadn’t stumbled across the Lamy Safari all those years ago, I’d be a Pilot Metropolitan person.

      Wishlist is probably: (1) Lamy 2000, (2) Pilot Custom 823, as you point out, (3) Pilot Custom 92, (4) Sailor Pro Gear (the last two are probably because I have some bias towards demonstrator pens).

      Anyway, what matters is that you like some pen, any pen, and use it! 🙂


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