Fantastic Fungi

I saw a poster for Fantastic Fungi somewhere (can’t remember where now) last year, and since I’d just seen The Hidden Life of Trees, I was immediately curious.

I found, but at the time, it wasn’t available to stream anywhere or even buy, and I had to watch it on my laptop.

Got this update today

The Mycelial Mothership has landed! Fantastic Fungi is now on Netflix! It’s time for mushrooms to come up from the underground and into the mainstream! When so many are struggling for connection, inspiration, and hope, Fantastic Fungi brings us together as interconnected creators of our world. Watch it today!

It covers a lot of ground, and not all of it is equally entertaining or informative, but seeing how fungi are these ancient ancestors, and how they intermediate between plants and animals, nearly controlling them (!) … was quite the revelation.

It’s available on Netflix now, so … go watch it!

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