On a Soundtrack coincidence and some books

I happens to be listening to the Braveheart soundtrack recently, a few days ago, and I can say I haven’t heard it anywhere else, in the last two decades.

Today while we were in Lahaina, near the outlets, I wanted into this book shop (friends of the Maui library), and guess what was playing in the background? Yep, the Braveheart soundtrack.

Needless to say, I ended up spending a fair bit of time there, and found some funny, very interesting books too.

There are really two kinds of browsing experiences (broadly speaking): one where things are very well-presented, and you visually scan your surroundings and decide what to look into, and the other where there is very little organization or presentation, and you need to dig deep to see what even exists.

This was the second kind of place — which means it’s tedious — but with the tradeoff that you end up finding some truly weird, remarkable, quirky books.

Now this is on a trip where I can’t carry back too much so I only bought two of these, but this was a very rewarding browsing experience (set to good music too).

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