Eulogy for a bookstore

I moved to Mountain View in 2010.

At that time, there were plenty of bookstores within a 10 mile radius:

  1. Borders in Mountain View
  2. Borders in Palo Alto
  3. Barnes and Noble in San Jose
  4. Books Inc in Mountain View
  5. Book Buyers in Mountain View

Of these:

(1) and (2) closed when Borders went bankrupt (about a decade ago now)

(3) was always the furthest out, and rarely visited, but is still around

(4) is now the only store we visit with some frequency.

But (5) used to be my favorite, being a used books store.

In 2016 they had to relocate out of Mountain View, and set up shop further south in Gilroy.

I’ve since visited them only once.

Today I learned that they lost their lease and have to liquidate entirely. Fortunately, Powell’s (of Portland) was able to pick up their stock.

I am sad to see them pass away like this, especially since nothing has emerged to take their place.

Still, I am optimistic that something like it can be set up again (it must be so different for young people today to not know anything else, but there are alternatives to browsing online at Amazon).

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