Monthly recap (July 2015)

(Intended to make up for an absence of Facebook, and for personal archival … this one is rushed, will do a better job next month!)

Yosemite was the first long-ish “go somewhere and stay there and come back” trip with Tara, and it was a big success (her first bus ride (!) and the first time she sat in a high chair — the park itself was limited this time to a minor flat hike).

This month she also started sitting, standing with support, and drinking water from a “sippy cup” (which, like “onesie”, is a recent addition to my vocabulary). Her activity has shot up, and she vigorously crawls and plays, is extremely curious, and is scarily eager to climb things.

Among not-so-good news is that she had her first fever, to which we obviously over-reacted, and which turned out to be not such a big deal after all.

Other than that, not much. I’m busy and happy 😛