Monthly recap- March 2022

A cardboard cutout castle we made together

Major updates

  • Weekend trip near Santa Cruz

Minor updates

  • Doing regular trips to SF again, some commute experiments
  • Got Tara her first “real” dictionary
  • Family time at the park nearby
  • Family board game time (a junior version of “Ticket to ride” is the current favorite)
  • Finally re-did a portion of our living room, replaced a TV from 11 years ago with a new one
  • Replaced a car we’d bought 10 years ago with a new one (!)
  • Catching up with friends and acquaintances over lunch
  • Bummer: spent time on tax stuff


  • Played with Wolfram Mathematica a bit, always fun and relaxing
  • Watched “Dropout” on Netflix (can’t believe this really happened)
  • Watched Death on the Nile (meh)
  • Watched Turning Red with Tara
  • Bunch of Scooby Doo episodes and movies with Tara
  • Watched Drive my car (excellent)
  • Re-watched Midnight in Paris

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