Books on Software Complexity

(from this HN thread)

If only all posters collected their responses into a spreadsheet like this one did

Here is the summary post (my preferences in bold):

From my perspective, the top “must-reads” are:
— John K Ousterhout, A Philosophy of Software Design
— Titus Winter (et al), Software Engineering at Google
— Hanson and Sussman, Software Design for Flexibility

Other interesting titles that caught my eye:
— Peter Naur, Programming as Theory Building
— Scott Wlaschin, Domain Modeling Made Functional
— Yehonathan Sharvit, Data-Oriented Programming: Unlearning objects (upcoming)
— Nick Tune, Patterns, Principles, and Practises of Domain Driven Design
— Robert L. Glass, Facts and Fallacies of Software Engineering
— Donald Reinertsen, The Principles of Product development Flow
— Eric Normand, Grokking Simplicity

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