“Curations” is moving

Some sort of monthly curated links has been a staple here for about a decade now (I started with a breakdown by category, but towards the end had just a “bag of links”).

In an effort to consolidate and de-duplicate (because, why not!), I’m trying an experiment — I’m going to leave the curations in my shared Roam graph, and just surface them better there.

The URL for that is here: https://roamresearch.com/#/app/Homepage-Agam/page/TkD7GK6nJ

It can also be reached by starting at this “Home” page: https://roamresearch.com/#/app/Homepage-Agam/page/Qw3Cv9aOP, and then following the links for “Sticky Board” -> “Linkblog”

This is an example of what it looks like:

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