Monthly Recap: March 2023

Onion peel glimpsed through a (good) toy microscope
Onion peel glimpsed through a (good) toy microscope

Major updates

  • Gave up on trying to set up a Minecraft server and just went with a 2-person “Realm” instead — works well!
  • Opened one of birthday gifts late — a toy microscope, but still good enough to see detail in leaves etc

Minor updates

  • Dental adventures: finally got a crown for a previous implant
  • Annual medical check up: all good
  • School events
  • Wrapped up taxes
  • “Family burger time” at Counter
  • Visited the “Tech” museum with Tara: highly recommend (the previous “Children’s Discovery Museum” is boring for her now)


  • Puss in Boots (“the last wish”: meh, but mostly funny)
  • Mysterious Benedict Society book two (started book three too, but that didn’t hold interest, so paused it)
  • Finally finished watching all Harry Potter movies (watched the 8th one)
  • Audio book: “Irreversible Damage” (good fyi for parents with daughters)
  • Pink Panther (the 2006 version with Steve Martin) … led to some classic cartoon watching, always good!

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