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I’ve started a new blog or a new online journal so many times, some private, some public, that I’ve really lost track of all of them. This is mildly complicated because some of them were pseudonymous.

At least on my (now deprecated?) static blog I tried to merge together older content, but I just discovered an older WordPress blog, that can best be described as “explorations in programming“.

At some point, I’m going to try to merge them together (I’m guessing that means exporting-and-importing), but it’s still a bit of a revelation to discover all this stuff I wrote, almost exactly five years ago (!)

Edit (July 11 2019): It turned out to be fairly straightforward to export the old blog and re-import it into this one — the hard part was figuring out what my login/password was, five years ago! — so this blog now goes back to 2014!

Moved to WordPress

Decided that Tumblr isn’t really a good substitute for a blog (and WordPress is? Are you joking? Maybe), so went with wordpress instead

Back from the dead

Frustrations with my Octopress/Jekyll/Github setup led me to consider alternatives, so looking at WordPress/Tumblr/Ghost/Svbtle, I ended up here. I was honestly surprised to realize that I once started a Tumblr blog!

Well, I guess it’s time to pick up where I left off

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