Old soundtracks and new ones

I just discovered the music of Eduard Artemyev, and … it’s something I like now.

I came across the soundtrack for Stalker, then realized the same person had composed the soundtracks for other Tarkovsky movies.

He was born in 1937 (for perspective, that’s from before World War 2 started !), and … is not only alive, but still working until very recently!

He was experimenting with electronic music in the 60s, way before synthesizers were commonly used or available.

The Solaris soundtrack is from 1972, and he composed a new soundtrack as recently as 2016.

That’s a long, long time to be doing something.

Youtube and Spotify

Youtube is always goiong to be superior to Spotify just because … it has more stuff.

The downside is that it’s hard to know wtf is real any more, when searching for something.

The upside is that the “tail end” of what’s available is much longer on Youtube.

Today, for instance, I discovered Jun Fukamachi
(electronic jazz music, sort of. Like a lot of people I end up really liking, a dead person. Anyway.)

Spotify, for instance, shows just three albums:

Youtube has … many, many albums. This particular one was an album made in 1984: Starview HCT-5808.

Now, many of them might be fake, but … as long as there is something I can get on Youtube I can’t get on Spotify, well, I’m going to add to my playlists there, aren’t I?