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A first NFT

I took one of Tara’s drawings from last year and placed it on OpenSea.

Mostly just to see what the experience is like.

So here it is, “A princess, her castle, and an apple tree“.

For more details, these are “the chains it shows up on”.

Turtle graphics

Discovered the PythonTurtle library, reminded me of LOGO a long time ago (!)

A sample session:

$ bpython
bpython version 0.18 on top of Python 3.7.6 /usr/local/opt/python/bin/python3.7
>>> import turtle
>>> silly = turtle.Turtle()
>>> for i in range(20):
...     silly.forward(i * 10)
...     silly.right(144)
A “spiral star”

(there is a Golang version of this too, to try later)

Personal Media Summary: December 2015



A bunch of miscellaneous stuff, in no particular order …

(for some reason, I had saved this draft 20 days ago, but neglected to actually hit “publish”)

Baktoo: Taking baby steps with generative art

Continuing (or stumbling) along a path to using Common Lisp for stuff I consider fun, I came up with this.

As mentioned in the `README`, I need to work on making this more efficient.

Stuff I learned along the way:

  • I love how I can focus on “making it work” _before_ worrying about “making it fast”
  • Utilities exist for a reason. _Use them_ (I’ve decided to stick with `:rutils`)
  • Don’t be afraid of using libraries. I found `:cl-log`, which is amazingly well-written and I will never use all of it, but just the basic use case of toggling levels of verbosity is good enough for me, and something that would normally be hard to do.
  • Building up the system works really well. This is the first time I’ve had an experience of writing stuff that sort of _just worked_, since it felt like I was **directly translating my thoughts into code**.
  • It’s easy to rapidly create and modify functions, stubs, what not, while keeping them all in view, in the same 100 or so lines of vertical space (contrast with switching between (say) multiple `.java` files)

Anyway, here are a couple of samples I made with this (click to see detailed image):
Baktoo - 2

Baktoo - 1

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