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Library haul (Jun 2019)

Guess we got a bit greedy there …

Current library haul

Mini-Library haul

Wondering if I should switch to some more structured way of recording all these … would make for a nice database to look back on later!

Library book haul (Mar 2019)

Me and Tara go to the library once every six weeks or so, and I was thinking of starting to make a list of the books we’ve tried/liked over time.

March 2019 library books

But that is a bit too much effort, so I’m going to start with a pic — and if I can keep this up for at least six months, then I’ll start making a list.

Monthly recap (August 2015)

This month went by fast.

Tara is now regularly eating breakfast/lunch/dinner, which was unimaginable a while ago, and crawling/standing all over the place, which is a bit scary.

Notable “firsts”:

  • Drinking from a straw
  • Playing in sand
  • Drinking from a cup(!)

I went for a run for the first time since November last year, and will try to run once a week, every week. We’ll see.

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