Self Wright

Tag: optimization

… optimization holds surprises by its very nature: if we knew how to write it as fast as possible, that’s precisely what we’d do from the start. we start to optimize because the system is unexpectedly slow, right? so of_course we’ll find some special special case where performance sucks real hard …

Don’t succumb to the siren songs of trivial optimizations – they make the more important optimizations much harder to locate.

… a trivial (in retrospect) method for entirely relieving compilers of the burden of stack discipline: a necessary first step towards relieving programmers of the burden of compilers. A systems programmer or electrical engineer educated in the present Dark Age might ask why we ought to demand relief from CPUs which force machine code to “drive stick” in register allocation and stack discipline. After all, have we not correctly entrusted these tasks to optimizing compilers? Should we not continue even further in this direction?

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